One day as Keith and I hiked down from one of our favorite ridges we joked about hiking the PCT. It was something we had discussed for a while but as I rolled it around in my mind, it seemed much more of an accomplishable goal than it once had been. “Let’s just do it. Let’s tell people that we’re gonna do it and just go for it,” I said. To be entirely honest, that’s how this whole trip began a year and a half ago. Two cousins, practically siblings for all intensive purposes, joking around and just deciding to go for it. As we walked back from that hike I had an extra skip in my step and immediately starting researching all aspects of the PCT and its hikers the moment we returned home.

At 2,659 miles long, the PCT is only 3 years older than myself, with an official completion date of 1993. This being said it had foot traffic much earlier than that as it was proposed in the mid 20s. It began catching more popularity after the pop culture movie “Wild” in 2014. With the mention of “Wild” I must say, I’ve never seen it. It took a good 10 or so people referencing it around me before I even began to remember that it had some form of correlation to the PCT. The most I know is that it involves a female and the PCT, that’s about it.

Starting on the boarder of US and Mexico near Campo, California, the trail shoots up north through the Sierras, into Oregon, past Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, and ends in Manning Park, Canada. As I’m sure most of you know the PCT is part of what some call the Triple Crown, which is made up of the PCT (the Pacific Crest Trail), the CDT (the Continental Divide Trail), and the AT (the Appalachian Trail). Keith and I have already discussed the possibility of going after the Triple Crown. We’re both originally from Pennsylvania and do not enjoy the prospect of returning to an area greatly lacking of snow-capped mountains. But who knows what the future holds.

Keith and I are both rather frugal in our living ways, so as we have begun prepping for the PCT both for food and gear, we are trying to see what our bargain options are. I am a bit more concerned about weight and physical aptitude than Keith is, but we are both looking to be the best whilst staying within a tight budget. In order to do this, we have decided to make both our tent and sleeping bag. The important aspect to take from that sentence is the singular form of sleeping bag. That’s right folks, to cut down on weight and to maximize warmth, Keith and I will be sharing a sleeping bag. More on that and the tent making to come of course. I for one have also started training my body to sleep solely on my back. I’m a stomach sprawler by nature and toss a lot during my sleep. So training my body to “mummy sleep” is just one small aspect of training. There will be quite the number of posts to come that go through our training, prep, gear, and how we’re maximizing our resources to fit our budget.

As there are two of us doing this adventure together, sometimes you will have my voice (Emily) behind posts and sometimes you will have Keith’s voice. We will see how this all works as the blog grows, but as of now we have decided to simply sign our names at the bottom of each post. I’m guessing that there will be some posts where both of our voices will be behind the words, and we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

All this being said, welcome to our PCT adventure! I hope your almost as excited as we are to see what will become of our little jaunt to belt this wonderful nation we live in. Feel free to join by reading this blog and always feel free to message us with any questions or comments you may have while we prepare, hike, and return back into normal society.



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