Not the Bees! – Day 13 – 4.23.18

Hours on Trail: 12 Mile Mark: 218 4am came too quickly this morning. It was a very windy night last night so we slept without the rain fly on. This was awesome except that the wind kept blowing our sleeping bag off of us throughout the night. Luckily it was a pretty warm night, but … Continue reading Not the Bees! – Day 13 – 4.23.18


Descending – Day 12 – 4.22.18

Hours on Trail: 10 Mile Mark: 197   We awoke at 6am. The alarm went off at 5am but Keith let us sleep in an extra hour. We packed up and were on the trail by 7am. It was a very quaint morning as we headed uphill. Large twisted pine trees were all around us … Continue reading Descending – Day 12 – 4.22.18