After a fantastic week long road trip we’ve made it to Potrero County Park Campground for the night. It’s a nice short drive to the Southern Terminus for tomorrow’s morning beginnings. This past week was an absolute blast and Keith and I are very glad we decided to drive down with Jacob (my boyfriend) rather than flying down. It allowed us to have time to finish all the little details (like writing all the addresses for our resupply boxes, and organizing all of our gear) and thus not feel rushed into the hiking.

Once we arrived to our camping destination for this evening, we pulled out all our resources for the next 6 months. Fitting it all onto a picnic table, we divvied up the loads. I am very glad to be going on this endeavour with a partner. Well at least for now I am. The fact that I will always have someone I trust nearby does my currently nervous mind a great deal of good.

Pre-trail jitters are a thing by the way. The feeling of “did a I make an awful decision that will end in total failure?” that one gets when doing any life-altering event happens. But at the same time a feeling of complete and uncontrollable excitement overcomes the majority of the doubt. Tomorrow we embark on a grand adventure, and tonight I just hope I get enough sleep.



3 thoughts on “T-minus 12 hours

  1. Have a great time making many wonderful memories along the way. We will be praying for safety, good health and know that God is with you each step of the way, even over the mountains and in the valleys! Mary Ann Gomez


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