Hours hiked: 6 hours
Mie marker: 48
We woke up to a very cold morning today. Huddled in our sleeping bag we decided to stay huddled for a bit longer. We planned a shorter day today due to being in the Mt. Laguna area. There is no dispersed camping allowed in this area, so you either camp in one of the campgrounds or hike right through. Hiking right through meant a relatively long day for us so we decided to camp in one of the campgrounds.

A shorter day meant we could go into town for the first time since we started. We both didn’t realize the importance of cash originally while on trail, so we mainly planned to enter town in order to get some cash. After making a plan for our day we quickly packed up camp and headed out. I noted that we pack up and set up much quicker when it’s very very cold.

After hiking a ways we stopped for breakfast and enjoyed the change in scenery around. What was once rocky and full of sage bushes had turned into evergreens and grass. This combined with the breezy sunshine made for a very quaint walk into Mt. Laguna. We piped off trail, walked through the campground, and down the road to the Store. From a ways away we could see all the hikers with their packs sitting on the steps outside. We chose a spot on the corner of the steps and walked inside. It was a cool little store. Imagine the most classic General Store you can think of, add a few modern items (liked bagged chips, ice cream, and fuel canisters) and I think your imagery would be pretty close. We bought some fuel, travel sized shampoo for Emily, and a thing of Pringles to make the minimum $10 card rule. We downed our can of Pringels on the steps and continued on.
About an hour after departing trail we were back on it again. We walked along some ridges and headed up some as well. As we created one in particular a hiked from across the way shouted “Definitely check that out” while pointing to the ridge which seemed to drop off. We walked over and what laid before us was beautiful. Hills upon hills stretched out below us. The mount we were on was green while everything else was a desert tan. The stark contrast was stunning. We stayed there for a while until the wind tried to steal my hat from me and then we moved on.

It wasn’t far from there that we descended to a nearby road of which the campsite was on. We walked down and found a nice little spot decently far from the rest of humanity and enjoyed our afternoon off. We walked around barefoot and sat in the sun while watching some of the little birds try and steal our food. It was a very nice afternoon and seemed to be a very nice day overall.

That was until right before I was about to go to sleep. My sleeping pad felt a little low and I asked Keith to blow it up real quick for me. A few seconds later it seemed low again. “Keith, I think I may have a leak in my pad” I said cautiously, hoping it wasn’t true. “Sure enough” he said. Well this night just got a whole lot more interesting.
We sat up and stared at it for a little while before coming up with a game plan. Keith would spray the pad in sections looking for bubbles and I would wipe off the water as we went. We both dawned our headlights and went at it. Just as we were starting to give up hope Keith found the tear. We thoroughly dried the pad and patched it up. Keith set the pad outside to dry (The glue takes 24hrs to dry) and I gathered what little clothes we have for padding. Luckily I’m pretty used to sleeping on the ground so it shouldn’t be too bad tonight.

We found the culprit of the tear, pinecone pieces with sharp pointy ends that had stuck in my feet earlier in the day while walking around barefoot. Keith was worried for his pad, so we checked the ground under the tent and pulled out the picky pieces. Once the coast was clear we crawled into bed. Shows you that a quaint day may turn to real exciting real fast. It’s always a fun time troubleshooting though.


3 thoughts on “First Trail Town Excursion – Day 3

  1. U 2 have a very nice hike & blog. Good writing, good company, good attitudes about life. It is very refreshing. ——John H.——-Seattle——-


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