Hours hiked: 9.5hrs
Mile marker: 68
After yesterday’s short milage and time we both felt really really good. So we set out to hike to a camp and water spot at mile 68. We were going to begin on trail around 6am, but since last night’s sleeping pad scenario we both slept in and weren’t on trail until 7:20.
It had been a pretty cold night and was rather blustery and chilly in the morning as well. I enjoy the cold blustery mornings that we’ve been having recently. I’m very thankful for the cooler weather we’ve been having, given that we are in the desert. Of couse it does always warm up in the afternoon. Quite hot sometimes, like today.
We hugged cliffs and ridges for most of the day today. I didn’t look up from the ground too often for fear the wind may try to steal my hat, but I looked up as often as I could. We also had our first major downhill today. We both knew it was coming but I don’t think either of us anticipated just how down it would be. Of course after you go down you must come back up again, and we did so.
After climbing out of the valley we hugged the shadier side of the ridge. It was a very plesant last mile or so into camp. When we arrived, no one was there yet so we walked around to find a nice shadded spot. As we were setting up our tent and preparing for the mile walk down to a spring to get water, a man walked up and told us that he had a decent amount of water in which he was willing to share. We grabbed our bottles and walked over to his set-up.
He had a tent with tarps hooked to his car for shade and a lot of chairs with other hikers sitting and talking. Apprently he camps up here often, and after seeing hikers so frequently began to bring more water with him eveytime he camps. We stayed and chatted with the hikers and him for a while before thanking him for the water and heading back to camp.
Today built my confidence in many ways. One, I’m surprised with just how good my body is feeling physically. As I look around at alot of my fellow hikers I note that not all of them are feeling quite as well as I am. Im very thankful for training I did before this journey. I believe it is helping out alot during this transition time. Secondly, while the past few days have certainly had some people involved there hasn’t been a whole ton. Those folks we have seen have been a very nice level of friendly. Both of these things and the weather I’ve appreciated.
Tomorrow should be another decently long day. We head into a long waterless stretch over the next few days. Should be interesting!



2 thoughts on “First “Magicka” – Day 4

  1. Grandpa and I look forward to reading your adventures. Glad to know you are getting to meet other people also. The pictures are awesome. Blessings till we hear from you again. Be safe and send our love! 😊


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