Hours on Trail: 1
Mile Marker: 275

I awoke without an alarm calling me to life. When I opened my eyes the sun was already risen but there was still a chill to the air. I snuggled in the sleeping bag, extremely cozy. Rest Day, yes this would be a good day. I checked my watch to find it was 7:45. I had slept about 10 hours and it felt so nice. Keith had already woken up but was enjoying the morning from the sleeping bag too. After laying there for awhile, I sat up to eat some food. Then curling back into the sleeping bag I looked out over the ridge we had chosen for camp. The sunrise line on the far ridge slowly went down into the valley. Soon the sun hit our tent and began to warm it up quite quickly.

We slowly began to pack up and by 10am we were on the trail. We planned to walk about 3 miles to the next camp and water source. It was an easy and beautiful 3 miles through conifers and dust. When we arrived at camp, we set our bags under a tree and went to get water. We had passed the small creek before arriving at camp and headed back to the bridge which crossed the water. Keith started to fill our container while I ran up a side trail to see if there was an easier place to fill. I heard a small trickling waterfall and ran back to Keith. We scooped up all our empty bottles and walked to the small trickle and filled up there.

Returning back to our bags, I called my Dad while Keith walked around to find a more secluded camp spot. We figured since we were around for the whole day, that we’d rather not be near the trail. After I was done with my phone call, Keith showed me our new spot. The spot happened to be near where we got water which was ideal. We grabbed everything and set up under the shade of a nearby tree.

Even though it was our rest day we still had a lot to do. I wanted to wash some of my clothes and my hair, and Keith wanted to wash his sleeping pad and some clothes too. We set up the tent and began to get to work. We both washed all the clothes we wanted to and hung them on a bush in the sun to dry. Keith accidently ripped the zipper on our tent, so as he fixed that I set out to wash my hair.

Last time I washed it out here I had Keith pour some water on my head from a bottle, so as to get the back of my head. But this time I had a plan. I had filled my Camelbak with water and set it in the sun all afternoon. By now it was nearly 4:30pm and the water was quite warm. Using an extra string I tied the Camelbak to a branch with the mouthpiece hanging down. Thanks to gravity and a little air pressure, when I squeezed the mouthpiece a decently pressurized stream of water spewed out. I was so proud of myself. My own little backcountry shower. I had Keith come look in my happiness and he was impressed as well. I washed my hair and rejoined Keith at camp a little later.

We gathered all our clean clothes and Keith made us dinner. While Keith organized his things, I called my boyfriend and chatted for a while. The evening was turning quite chilly, so I threw on my warm clothes after finishing my phone call. I hopped into the sleeping bag as soon as I could and was joined by Keith quite quickly. We layed in the sleeping bag looking over maps lf the next few days. Planning possible camp spots and backup camp spots depending on how we feel. Tomorrow we will head about 20 miles to a camp spot next to a creek. It should be a gorgeous day tomorrow, and a cold night tonight.



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