Hours on Trail: 0

Mile Marker: Off Trail

Elevation: Sea Level

Even though we stayed up decently late last night, I still awoke at 6:30am. The rain was falling lightly onto the windows, and I knew it would be another perfect coastal day. Instead of a morning walk I opted for a shower. In all the hustle and bustle of yesterday, I hadn’t taken a moment to shower. So I grabbed my things and headed to the bathroom. I took a long shower and it was absolutely glorious. I hadn’t had a true, legitimate, not rushed shower since we’d left on our road trip to the Mexico border, and boy did it feel good. With no more dirt on my feet or in my hair I felt as clean as humanly possible. I made coffee and woke Jacob up while Keith showered. Soon we were all piled in Jacob’s car, heading to Cannon Beach for breakfast.

Arriving at Lazy Susan, we sat outside waiting for our names to be called. The morning mist came down heavier and none of us minded a bit. Soon we were seated inside the familiar little building. Keith and I both went for the usual, the waffle special, which happened to be their strawberry banana oatmeal waffles, while Jacob ordered an omelette. We sipped our coffee and my marrionberry scone soon came out, quickly followed by our waffles and omelette. Everything was perfect as always and we all incredibly enjoyed the morning. We talked about possible beach walking options and settled on heading up to North Beach. After finishing up breakfast we did just that.

We parked near the beach access and ran down the dunes to the water. The tide was out insanely far, allowing us to walk out to one of the rocks. We meandered around the beach for awhile before heading back to the car and going to Jacob’s apartment. Keith put together our other box which needed to be shipped out while Jacob and I played Halo together. We all sat around for most of the day, enjoying soft couches and random shenanigans. A little after lunch time we went to Casa Del Sol for King Burritos. Keith and I shared one while Jacob had one all to himself, which wasn’t quite finished. For those that don’t know, these burritos are the size of new born infants and are absolutely delicious.

After lunch we dropped off our other packages and swung by Safeway again to pick up dinner food. Returning to Jacob’s apartment, Keith and I grabbed our bikes and went over to our aunt and uncles house. We hung out with Becky and the kids, swapping stories and such until it was time for the girls to go to youth group. Brent came home about the time, allowing us to talk to him a bit as well. Keith and I stayed there for a few hours, talking and checking out their vegetable garden before hopping back on our bikes and going to Jacob’s.

The remainder of our evening was spent packing our packs, playing video games, and watching YouTube. That was until it was time for the sun to set and we ran out to the beach to watch the red orb fall into the sea. It was a wonderful, lazy evening full of all things great. Keith found out the 17 Mile fire closure near where we left the PCT was still closed, and we decided to simply have Jacob drop us off on the north side of the closure. I was only a little sad to not be hiking this small section, but Keith and I both agreed that everything was too convenient for us not to just skip the relatively small section.

Around 11pm we finally all headed to bed. Tomorrow morning we’ll wake up and start driving south by 8am in order to have enough afternoon hiking time, and get Jacob back home in decent time. Keith and I are definitely ready to be back on trail, although I’m not fond of leaving Jacob. This has been a perfect little reset time and I’m glad that we were able to come home for a little while.



2 thoughts on “Lazy Kids – Day 99 – 7.18.18

  1. Sounds like you had some refreshing time at home for a short time. Happy you and Jacob were able to work this into your adventure. Blessings as you and Keith head back on the trail. Sending love


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